Kid’s Starter Special $69 1/2 Hour Private Class 2 Weeks of Exciting Martial Arts Classes Free Uniform

It can be very scary to step into a Martial Arts School for the first time, and we know that to insure your/your child’s success we must create positive experiences from day one. that’s why we always encourage new students to take advantage of our valuable intro specials which allow you to “test drive” our academy.

Our classes use many different ways of reaching your child’s specific needs. We teach children to think about the consequences of their actions. We stress the importance of knowing right from wrong and acting appropriately. We also practice self control, following directions, as well as gross motor activities in a positive and supportive social setting. This will give your child self confidence. Not only does martial arts build self-esteem, build strong and healthy bodies and teach self-defense but it also builds character, discipline, focus and respect. Children who have self control, discipline, focus and respect do better in school, are happier and healthier and are well-behaved.

1/2 hour Private Class $50 value

2 Weeks of Exciting

Martial Arts Classes $50 value

Free Uniform $40 value

Total $140 value

Now Only $69