M.M.A. Classes for adults $99 per month

You’ve see it on T.V.  You’ve heard the buzz.  Come see for yourself the Mixed Martial Arts phenomenon sweeping the nation.  A-1 Martial Arts has developed the most effective and complete MMA style with the focus on realistic Self-Defense.  Anyone can do it, even if you’re not in shape.  In fact, this is the best way to shead those unwanted pounds and get in the best shape of your life and have fun while doing it.  At A-1 Martial Arts we use the most innovative and exciting drills in our state of the art facility to provide you a safe and challenging workout!

Top 10 reasons you should train @ A1MA

State of the art facility is safe & clean

Realistic self defense including kickboxing, Jiu-jitsu,  weapons and more

Get in the best shape of your life

Innovative and exciting drills

You don’t have to be a MMA fighter to train like one

Flexible schedule  5 nights a week & Sat

It’s Affordable (packages as low as $45/month)

It’s fun

Relieve stress

Anyone can do it, even if you’re not in shape