We offer several distinct programs for our students, from activity-based/motor-learning martial arts classes for children, to adult zumba, kickboxing, and mixed martial arts classes.

Little Dragons – For ages 3-5 years

Basic motor skills are developed using Karate as the theme. Interactive games, drills, and exercises help children adjust to the classroom environment in preparation for school. The need for the child to listen to their parents and teachers is stressed. Socialization skills are also developed. The exercises the child performs develops coordination and self confidence.

Martial Arts Kids – Ages 6-12 years

Our classes use many different ways of reaching your child’s specific needs. We teach children to think about the consequences of their actions. We stress the importance of knowing right from wrong and acting appropriately. We practice self control, following directions, as well as gross motor activities in a positive and supportive social setting. This will give your child self confidence. Not only does martial arts build self-esteem, build strong and healthy bodies and teach self-defense but it also builds character, discipline, focus and respect. Children who have self control, discipline, focus and respect do better in school, are happier and healthier and are well-behaved.

Cardio-Kickboxing – Lose Weight Feel Great!

Kickboxing is the perfect way to get in shape and shed some unwanted pounds this year. This class is just what you need to get you motivated. Learn real Kickboxing and Martial Arts’ techniques you could actually use for self-defense in a fun, clean and safe environment!

Adult Mixed Martial Arts

Our state of the art facility is safe & clean.  Come to class to learn realistic self defense including kickboxing, Jiu-jitsu, weapons and more! Get in the best shape of your life with innovative and exciting drills. You don’t have to be an MMA fighter to train like one. With classes 5 nights a week & Sat, there is always a class time for any schedule. It’s Affordable (packages as low as $45/month), it’s fun, and anyone can do it, even if you’re not in shape!