June 28, 2010


Private Instruction

Here at A-1 Fitness Center we want to provide private instruction programs that are designated to help you achieve your personal goals. If you’re looking to get fit, stay fit, lose some weight, or even learn one or more particular martial arts styles, then our private training classes are for you. We train our students using our special techniques with a Kickboxing & Martial Arts twist that help you to challenge yourself in ways you wouldn’t believe.  We focus on using body weight exercises  and resistance training that are a great for achieving gains in strength, building muscle, boosting cardiovascular fitness, and burning fat!

We want you to be the healthiest person you can be and we will teach you how. Our instructors make it a point to really help create a personal workout to make you feel comfortable but  at the same time giving you the boost of confidence you need to get your body in shape. So put down the weights and come get a personalized and intense workout!

  • $700- 20 hours
  • $400 – 10 hours
  • $200 – 5 hours
  • $60 – 1 hour

Above prices are based off of one person. If you would like to do personal training classes with a loved one or friend it will be an $100 additional charge, so save money and train together!

We schedule or personal training classes any day of the week and are very flexible, we can schedule all of your classes at once or as you please.

All levels of experience and fitness are welcome!

Additional recommended equipment:

  • Gloves $20

Take a look at the link for an example Training Session.